Honorary Membership

Thank you for applying for Honorary Membership with Brisbane Basketball Inc.

Your application will be considered at the next meeting of the Brisbane Basketball Management Committee.

Your application's outcome will be communicated via email within 10 business days of the next meeting.

Please note: "BBI Constitution - point 5 (d) Honorary Member” outlines the rights, responsibilities and restrictions of Honorary Members of Brisabne Basketball Inc.

(d) Honorary Members

i. An

Honorary Member means any of the following:

  • a parent or guardian of a registered Junior Playing Member; or
  • a coach or manager of a team competing in any competition conducted by

the Association; or

  • a coach or manager of any representative team of the Association; or
  • a referee acting as such in any competition conducted by the Association; or
  • any scorebench official; or
  • a registered volunteer; or
  • any other person.

An Honorary Member must be admitted as a member of the Association upon completing the stipulated application for membership or renewal of membership PROVIDED THAT the Management Committee may, by resolution passed at its meeting next following submission of the application, reject the HonoraryMember’s application without assigning any reason.

Honorary Members are exempt from payment of membership fees.

Unless otherwise stipulated by the Management Committee, the membership of an Honorary Member must, unless otherwise renewed, cease on the anniversary of their admission PROVIDED HOWEVER that if the Honorary Member holds office on the Management Committee their membership will expire (unless otherwise renewed) when they cease holding their position on the Management Committee.

Honorary Members are, subject to completing a valid nomination, entitled to stand for election or appointment to the Management Committee.

Honorary Members are entitled to attend any General Meeting of the Association, but may not move or second motions or vote in accordance with their voting rights stipulated herein at any General Meeting. Honorary Members may speak in respect of a motion with the permission of the chair.

Honorary Members exercise no votes at any General Meeting of the Association.

Honorary Members must not be considered for quorum purposes at any General Meeting.

Honorary Members will be entitled to attend any event organised by the Association subject to any conditions determined by the Management Committee.

The number of Honorary Members will be unlimited.

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