Cut the Dribble

It's time to cut the dribble...

Any idea what we mean by this?

We’re committed to preventing referee abuse in the sport we know and love.

We’re all passionate about Basketball but when does passion cross the line into anger or aggression?

It’s time to take a step back.

Did you know that across the sporting industry over 90% of grassroots referees have experienced abuse?

Referee abuse is not limited to the court - the impact it has on individuals stems into their personal mental health.

It’s time to respect our refs.

At BBI we’re committed to Zero Referee Abuse on and off the court.


To protect our referees and preserve the spirit of the game.


To promote a culture that is respecting of referees and the crucial role they play in the sport.


Create awareness and unite the sport!

Increase the understanding of the referee pathway

  • Education for new players and parents at camps
  • Informative social media messaging, posters at stadiums and in EDMs

Decrease the referee dropout rates

  • Boldly pursue methods of tracking player/coach/parent behaviour during games
  • Rewarding teams for good behaviour


It’s a journey you want to be a part of! This culture shift begins with you.

As a part of our long-term plan, in future seasons we will be looking to implement systems to track good behaviour and provide recognition. This will come in the form of a ‘player of the week/season’ award with rewards up for grabs.

There will be will also penalties for multiple offences by an individual and/or team. An accumulation of offences over the season will be reviewed.

With your help, we can cut out the dribble for good!

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