School Holiday Camps

Holiday Hoops

Get ready for some Holiday Hoops with Brisbane Basketball! Our school holiday camps cater to kids of all ages.

From 9:00am to 3:00pm, it is non-stop basketball action. We focus on building skills through fun and dynamic drills, whether it is full-court, half-court, or transition play.

Courts are grouped by age, skill level, and physical development, ensuring every kid gets the challenge and support they need to thrive. Let us hit the court and make some hoop dreams a reality!

Holiday Hoops Camps

Get set for an exciting Holiday Camp with Brisbane Basketball! This school holiday, we're thrilled to bring our camps to Brisbane South State Secondary College, Padua College, and Arana Hills PCYC.

With our dedicated Camp directors and Coaches leading the way, every child can expect a supportive environment for skill development and smooth camp operations.

Sessions run from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, and campers have the flexibility to choose the days that fit their schedule.

Don't miss out on the fun - join us for one of our 13 camps this June and July, and let's hit the court together!

$72.50 per day (discounted rate for full camp)


1 Day - $72.50

2 Days - $135.00

3 Days - $190.00

  • Beginner: This camp is tailored for children aged 4-9 who are new to basketball or have participated in our previous Beginner Camps or Learners/Legends term programs. We focus on teaching basic basketball skills like ball handling, body movement, shooting, and teamwork through a variety of modified games. Join us for an inclusive environment where children of all skill levels can learn, make friends, and have fun!
  • Intro: Introducing our newest camp for children aged 7-12 who are familiar with the sport but are still refining basics like dribbling and shooting. Join us for a supportive, fun environment where participants learn at their own pace alongside peers of similar age and skill level.
  • Intermediate: This camp welcomes children aged 8-13 who are part of our Legends League program, transitioning to it, or playing in lower divisions for a club or school team. Our goal is to boost confidence, enhance basic skills, and encourage growth in a game-specific environment. Join us for a dynamic program designed to elevate your playing abilities!
  • Club Development: Join our camp tailored for confident team players aged 10-15, including those transitioning from the Legends league to club level and seasoned club members. Engage in gameplay-focused sessions to enhance individual skills and elevate your game.
  • ALL GIRLS: Join our inclusive basketball camp designed for girls of all skill levels and interests. Our tailored sessions cater to different ages and abilities, fostering friendship, confidence, and skill development. Discover the joy of basketball in a fun, safe environment that celebrates the importance of girls and women in the sport.
  • First Nations Camp: Join our First Nations Camp, where children aged 7-17 of any skill level who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander can come together to learn, grow, and celebrate their culture through sport. Join us for a unique experience filled with fun activities, skill-building sessions, and a supportive community environment. Come and be a part of something special!


Brisbane South State Secondary College

ALL GIRLS Camp (ages 7 - 15) Thursday 28th June

First Nations Camps

Brisbane South State Secondary College

First Nations Camp (ages 7 - 17) Friday 5th July

Beginner Camps

Brisbane South State Secondary College

Beginner Camp (ages 4-6) Mon 24th & Fri 28th June

Beginner Camp (ages 7-9) Mon 24th & Fri 28th June

Arana Hills PCYC

Beginner Camp (ages 4-7) Thursday 4th July

Intro Camps

Brisbane South State Secondary College

Intro Camp (Ages 10 - 12) Friday 28th June

Padua College - CAMPS ARE FULL (waitlist available)

Intro/Intermediate Camp (ages 10-14) Tues 2nd & Weds 3rd July

Intermediate Camps

Brisbane South State Secondary College

Intermediate Camp (ages 8-13) Mon 1st & Tues 2nd

Padua College - CAMPS ARE FULL (waitlist available)

Intermediate/Intro Camp (ages 10 - 14) Tues 2nd & 3rd July

Club Development Camps

Brisbane South State Secondary College

Club Development Camp (ages 10 - 15) Weds 3rd & Thurs 4th July

Wait List

If registrations are full for the days, you would like you can submit an expression of interest for the days you would like. If we have withdrawals, we will contact about availability in order of submission of this expression. If you do not hear from us, we have no places available and will hopefully can accommodate you.

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