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Auchenflower Stadium was impacted by a flood for the third time in its history in February 2022. The water impacted courts 1 and 2, and all areas of the ground floor, including the canteen, bathrooms, changing rooms, games reception and out tenanted areas, the physio area and the gym.

Thanks to the support of our community, the venue was cleared within a two-week period with courts 3 & 4 back up and running. The Brisbane Bullets also supported BBI by loaning a court that was used on top of Court 1 for most of the year; this allowed NBL1 games to be played at home and additional domestic and rep games. Several minor reinstatement works were also completed to make the venue safe and functional whilst the insurance claim was being settled.


BBI had both Flood and Storm insurance cover covering the 2022 weather event. Flood cover did have a substantially lower limit than Storm. The initial report from the insurer was that BBI would only have $1m of flood cover despite the damages totalling more than $2m (including business interruption). The insurers’ rationale for this was that the primary cause of the damage was from the Brisbane River.

The Board and Management contested the insurance interpretation of the hydrologist report, proving that the primary water source damaging the venue was overland flow due to the backflow valves being shut. This process took another 6 months to confirm after BBI sought formal advice from BCC's CEO, alternate hydrologists, and surveyors. This exhaustive process secured BBI full cover and is a significant reason why BBI can now reinstate Auchenflower Stadium in a more resilient way, ensuring that the venue will be fit for purpose for the next 30 years.


Following the $1.34m Federal and State Government funding announcement made on November 17, 2022, BBI is confidently advancing its venue redevelopment plans to create a more resilient venue to reduce adverse impacts from any future weather events on Auchenflower Stadium.

Preliminary concept architect planning has focused on improved accessibility and connectivity with critical infrastructure and services relocated to the first floor to be raised above known flood risk levels.

As an outcome, key changes will include the development of a new café and viewing gallery on the first floor, with administration offices relocated to the ground floor. Our community will enjoy better facilities and improved visibility from Court 1 to Court 4 and vice versa.


Since inception we've been a valued part of the Brisbane local community.

2022 - $1.34m Federal and State Government funding.

2022 - Brisbane Weather Event - widespread venue damage. Approximately 1m of water on courts.

2022 - BBI Develops a new resilient design for the Auchenflower stadium to mitigate the impact of future weather events.

2021 - The State Government wins the Hosting Rights of the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held In Brisbane, QLD.

2021 - BBI commences engagement program with key stakeholders and all levels of Government regarding the Otium Report and “The Case for a Community Sports Centre“

2021 - BBI develops a document titled “The Case for a Community Sports Centre“

2021 - Otium Report - Updated. Based on the greater than the projected growth of basketball, BBI commissions Otium to update the 2017 report.

2017 - 2019 - BBI considers expansion on the current Dixon Street site. The expansion would see the four additional courts built within the zoned area for Sport and Recreation. Following further feasibility work and consultation with Brisbane City Council, it was decided not to progress this option.

2017 - Otium Report commissioned.

2013 - Australian Nation Basketball Championships - due to venue constraints, this would be the last national event that the venue would host.

2011 - Two additional courts were constructed at Auchenflower Stadium.

2011 - Brisbane Floods - widespread venue damage. Approximately 2m of water on courts.

2011 - U14 Australian Basketball Championships

1957 - Brisbane Amateur Basketball Association was founded.

1973 - Brisbane Floods - widespread venue damage. Approximately 3m of water on courts.

1974 - Through the initiative of Ken Madsen, Harold Peacock, and Bob Rayner, the Vince Hickey Stadium, a two-court complex, now Auchenflower Stadium, was built to host its first Australian Championships.

1984 - BABA becomes incorporated, changing its name to "Brisbane Basketball Incorporated".

1994 - Hosted World Masters Games, Basketball. Due to venue constraints, this would be the last international event the venue would host.

1998 - Through the initiative of Fred Van Dongen and Rob Rayner two additional courts were constructed at Auchenflower Stadium

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