Junior and Senior Competitions Updated Rules Announcement

The Game Development and Governance Action Groups have reviewed and updated the Junior and Senior Competition rules. The review was conducted as an action item from the President's Delegates Meeting.

Before the Brisbane Basketball Management Committee formally adopted the rules, clubs were asked for feedback for consideration. The rules were formally adopted and will be effective from Sunday, the 17th of February 2024.

The most significant changes to the rules are;

· The removal of the “Core Rules”. The Core Rules were the rules that were consistent across competitions; however, having the Core Rules often made the rules more challenging to digest as it created an additional reference point.

· The combination of the Senior and GBL rules – for similar reasons to removing the Core Rules.

· Terminology has been updated to reflect the new systems and processes related to Competitions Management Software

There are two additional areas for further review;

· Transfers – additional investigation is being undertaken to determine the best way to manage the transfer process. The Competition Management Software may determine what the process ends up looking like.

· Appeals process – the appeals process relating to the game (not tribunal outcomes) must be reviewed further to provide greater clarity.

There has been no change to the forfeit procedures; however, the rules around forfeits will be strictly enforced; it is anticipated that this approach will have one of two outcomes: fewer forfeits resulting in more games being played or earlier forfeits having less impact on the opposition team. It is essential that play is incentivised and that we do our best to maintain the integrity of our draw for all competitions.

Thank you to the Operational team, the Chairs of the respective Action Groups and the Clubs for their support in establishing the updated rules.

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